Types of Bladder Control Products

Types of Bladder Control Products

Not many people are comfortable with talking about bladder control issues openly. Still, various medical reports reflect that almost 25 million people in the country suffer from bladder control issues. Urinary incontinence may occur due to different reasons. Women might face this problem when they are pregnant or going through the phase of childbirth. In the case of men, if they have prostate cancer, they may face bladder control issues. Women are more prone to incontinence issues, but when men suffer from it, they lose around three times as much urine as women. However, today, dozens of bladder control products are available on the market, and these can help the affected persons manage urinary incontinence effectively. Whether the symptoms are mild, moderate or severe, these products can be helpful.

Things to keep in mind while choosing bladder control products
While choosing a product for managing urinary incontinence, it is vital to keep the following points in mind:

  • The severity of the condition
  • Ease of use
  • Cost and availability
  • Durability

Protective garments and pads
By far, protective garments and pads are the most common bladder control products available in the market. One can find a wide range of such products depending on absorbencies, sizes, colors, and styles.

  • Disposable underwear is available in a variety of styles. Disposable underwear is quite comfortable to use due to its cotton-like materials. It has inner layers that have the power to absorb liquids that are almost 20 times their weight. It is not only adjustable but easy to use as well. Besides being available in multiple colors, it also has overnight and day versions.
  • Absorbent pads are designed for both men and women. These are not only disposable but help in blocking odor as well. Additionally, it is quite easy to change these pads. The adhesive strips help in holding the absorbent pads in place.
  • Protective underpants are reusable or disposable flat pads. These pads have a moisture barrier on one side and an absorbent layer on the other. Some of these bladder control products have antifungal and antibacterial finishing with the adhesive strips.
  • Incontinence panties and briefs mostly look like everyday underwear for women and men. However, these include a built-in cloth pad along with a waterproof liner. These are washable and reusable. Both overnight and day styles are available in a variety of colors. These not only help in controlling the odor but also keep the moisture away from the skin.
  • Plastic pants are another type of bladder control product that helps in protecting a person against mild to moderate leaks. These pants perfectly fit over the regular undergarments.

Compression pouch
These padded pouches are products for men that help in managing bladder control issues effectively. By putting a bit of pressure on the penis, these padded pouches help in preventing urine loss and can be safely worn for 3 to 4 hours. According to the manufacturers, men should not use this product at night.

Kegel exerciser
If one is suffering from urinary incontinence, Kegel exercise can be of great help. It helps to strengthen the muscles that are responsible for controlling the bladder. Various medical research reports have shown that this exercise can help in reducing the issue of incontinence. Sometimes, women struggle a bit to identify the proper muscles that they need to squeeze. At such times, they can opt for various Kegel exercisers to help with this. These Kegel exercisers are one of the most effective bladder control products available in the market right now.

Male guards
These absorbent pads are small in size and fit over the tip of the penis like a sleeve. One can use them for light to moderate leakage.

Condom catheters
This bladder control product fits around the penis. The condom catheter ends in a tube that leads to a bag, which collects the urine. One needs to strap this collection bag to their body.

Other than the bladder control products mentioned above, one will also need some other things to deal with the problem of urinary incontinence. Here are some of them:

  • Pessaries
  • Skin cleanser
  • Sheets that are easy to wash
  • Spray to eliminate odor: The smell of urine is not only prominent but also very hard to mask. Rather than using deodorant or perfume to disguise the smell of urine, it is better to use nonirritating products. One can spray odor-eliminating products on linens, underwear, clothing, or even in the bathrooms.
  • Moisturizing cream: Skin irritation is one of the common side effects of having a bladder control issue. The use of moisturizers on the area between the anus and genitals (perineal area) can help in protecting against dry skin and rashes. To get rid of skin irritation, one can use a barrier cream.

When one has urinary incontinence or bladder control issues, then they must talk to a doctor to understand which products will be the most effective in dealing with their condition.

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