Treatments for Reducing High Creatinine Levels

Treatments for Reducing High Creatinine Levels

Chemical waste known as creatinine is produced in the blood that passes through the kidneys to be separated and excreted in urine. A by-product of normal muscle function and the chemical waste, creatinine produce depends on the muscles in a person’s body. More muscles mean more creatinine produce. The level of creatinine in a person’s body reflects both amount of muscle and their kidney function. A healthy kidney function for most men has approximately 0.6 to 1.2 milligrams/deciliters (mg/dL) of creatinine. Women with normal kidney functions have 0.5 to 1.1 mg/dL of creatinine. The reason levels of creatinine are low in women is because an average woman has lesser muscle mass than compared to a man. Other factors that may contribute to the low level of creatinine in the blood include body size, activity level, and medications.

A higher level of creatinine can cause impaired kidney function, kidney dysfunction or kidney disease. Hence, it is essential to keep a check on your creatinine levels and take the necessary steps to maintain good health and well-being. Here are a few home remedies on how to reduce creatinine naturally:

Reduce vigorous exercise
Regular exercise is vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, if an individual does an excess amount of physical activities or tasks, it can spike the creatinine levels in the blood. As muscle metabolism initiates creatinine production, overusing muscles through strenuous exercise might raise levels. A recent study indicated that an individual who does intense workout had increased levels of creatinine and this was in response to increased muscle breakdown. Consult your doctor about types of exercise and the number of sets you can or should do. Walking instead of running and yoga instead of lifting weights are better ways of maintaining a healthy life and yet keeping the creatinine levels under control.

Supplements containing creatine should be avoided
Creatine is naturally produced by your body which gets transported to your muscles to provide energy, and unused creatine gets converted into creatinine which is a waste product. Some athletes use oral supplements to help them enhance their performance. Supplements containing creatine also produce creatinine and higher the level the more dangerous it can be for an individual as they may suffer muscle cramping, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, weight gain, and fever.

Protein shakes increases creatinine levels
As per research large amounts of protein intake leads to an increased volume of creatinine levels although it is a temporary effect. Cooked red meat has increased by-product of creatine because the meat is cooked under high temperature. A diet high on red meat or other protein sources, including dairy products, are more prone to higher levels of creatinine. Switch to vegetable-based dishes or swap beef burgers for vegetable patties, hearty vegetable stew, or lentil soup.

Eat more fiber
Not a lot of research can back the effects of dietary fiber and how to reduce creatinine with dietary fiber intake. However, one study, in particular, showed a significant decline in creatinine levels in people with chronic kidney disease who increased their fiber intake. Consuming food like fruits, vegetables, whole grain, and legumes might help you control the levels.

Fluid intake to be discussed with a doctor
Fluid intake plays a significant role and dehydration can create a lot of issues for people suffering from kidney disease. Consult a doctor for the amount of fluid intake and the best time to consume fluids on a daily basis.

Take WH30+
There are numerous herbs that are natural diuretics and may help some people reduce creatinine levels. Conclusive scientific data is lacking proof of herbs and their effectiveness in lowering creatinine levels. A certain animal study showcased improvements in creatinine levels in rats while they were being treated with a Chinese herbal formula called WH30+.

Use salvia
Salvia is used by many, and in China, people use salvia for treating renal failure. A review of several studies indicated salvia might have a positive effect. However, salvia is a hallucinogen, and it can accompany specific side effects. An individual must be cautious while using Salvia. There are other herbs like stinging nettle (nettle leaf), chamomile, cinnamon, ginseng, and dandelion root that can interfere with your treatment, and hence, it is vital to discuss your herb intakes including herbal tea with your doctor.

Many people are continually struggling with a kidney disorder, and kidney failure and each one wants a solution on how to reduce creatinine to avoid the pain. However, your best answer is to work out just the right amount required for your body and do regular follow-ups with your doctor. Do not follow advice from anyone else as the treatment might or might not work for you. Understand that each body type is different and the requirements of each are unique. Only proper treatment and tests can help you derive the right medication which helps you stay healthy and fit.

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