Top 5 foods to avoid during leukemia treatment

Top 5 foods to avoid during leukemia treatment

Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects the blood cells. Usually, the condition makes the white blood cells cancerous and weakens the body, making it unable to fight any bacteria or viruses entering it. While there is no permanent cure for the condition, it can be managed through treatment options like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. As the treatment can be rigorous, one should avoid foods that negatively affect the treatment or worsen the symptoms.

Green tea
People often opt for green tea to help relieve digestive issues. But it may not react well when undergoing leukemia treatment, potentially causing immense discomfort to the patient. So, one should avoid and look for better alternatives.

Raw honey
Usually, raw honey and its products contain botulism toxin, which can make one feel ill and increase discomfort. Certain cancer treatment methods have been known to increase the risk of botulism. This is also why babies are not fed honey or any related products until they reach a certain age.

The treatment for leukemia may often consist of chemotherapy, which can greatly affect the body’s ability to digest food. So patients should avoid undercooked or raw meat such as sushi as it may worsen the issue and cause other digestive problems.

Brie and other moldy cheese
The mold which gives certain kinds of cheese an appetizing color and taste is a fungus. While it wouldn’t normally harm the immune system function, people suffering from leukemia and undergoing chemotherapy already have a weak immune system. So, they are advised to avoid any food with fungi or bacteria.

Undercooked eggs
Eggs are often deemed incredibly healthy as they promote a well-balanced diet. But, leukemia patients should avoid undercooked eggs as they can contain the Salmonella bacteria that can cause an infection or other germs in raw foods.

Besides making better food choices when undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, doctors may also recommend similar nutritional changes for stem cell transplant and immune therapy. Additionally, people suffering from leukemia can also try Tasigna, a product manufactured by Novartis. The option is effective in treating a type of blood cancer called Philadelphia Chromosome positive chronic myelogenous leukemia in chronic phase (Ph+ CML-CP). Tasigna is prescribed for pediatric patients aged 1 or above and adults. People with leukemia can also opt for Imatinib, a treatment option recommended for certain types of leukemia. Imatinib works by blocking the action of an abnormal protein and aids in stopping the spread of cancer cells in the body.

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