Top 10 Supplements for Eye Health

Top 10 Supplements for Eye Health

Your eyes and vision are affected by many factors, including genetics and age. If you want to maintain healthy eyes with great eyesight, you need supplements for eye health. Besides, a balanced diet also plays an important role in attaining good eyesight as it contains antioxidant-rich foods that can help in attaining a great eye health. Taking supplements for eye health for improving your vision is a great idea, especially during your old age.

Age-related diseases are the leading cause of vision loss in the country. According to research statistics, there some great supplements that cure the diseases of the eyes and also help in attaining good eye health. The supplements that are best for eye health consist of various vitamins as well as many minerals that show a lasting effect on the general health of people as well.

Vitamins and other supplements for eye health
Most of these vitamins and nutrients often play the main role in reducing inflammation including chronic and age-related eye problems:

  • Zinc: It is one of the powerful supplements for eye health that protects against cell damage. Zinc is a basic mineral present in all eye treatment formulations. It is necessary for a healthy immune system as well. It has been best known for healing inflammation in chronic diseases and also prevents triggering of new inflammatory processes.
  • Vitamin B Complex: Vitamin B is essential for the health of your eyes. There are proofs that show how this vitamin may decrease the risk of getting a cataract in your eyes. Besides, it reduces inflammation. Furthermore, inflammatory eye conditions can lead to blindness, and hence, it is a very essential supplement for eye health.
  • Omega-3 fatty acid: A basic diet does not have enough omega-3 fatty acids. The main source of this essential vitamin is fish that delivers huge quantities of fatty acids. Cells in your retina contain a large amount of omega fatty acids and supplementing your diet with this nutrient is a great idea when one is looking for good eye health. It is believed that omega fatty acids help in the formation of retinal cells. It is also considered to play a huge role in reducing inflammation and helping cells of the retina and the cornea heal and regenerate after damage due to light exposure and aging.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is one of the very powerful supplements for eye health. It also reduces the risk of cataract. Vitamin C and other nutrients are used to improve eye vision.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a very useful nutrient that helps to fix many eye issues. It protects cells from damage by free radicals. Besides, a diet that includes vitamin E is considered to maintain and provide a great structure to your eyes.
  • Vitamin A and beta-carotene: This vitamin is a major element of mostly every eye supplement. It helps in attaining a good night vision and also in healing the immune system. It maintains the cornea that also covers the eye. Vitamin A supplements for eye health also protect your eyes and allow them to see even in low-light conditions. Vitamin A may also help in protecting against eye infections. Potatoes, onions, rice, cheese, eggplant are excellent sources of this vitamin.
  • Riboflavin: Another important supplement for eye health is riboflavin. As an antioxidant, riboflavin has the potential to reduce the overall stress in your body including your eyes. Scientists mention that riboflavin helps prevent cataract. Interestingly, many individuals with cataract have this deficiency. Doctors suggest that one must have at least 1.1-1.3 mg of riboflavin per day. It is usually easy to consume this amount as many foods are high in riboflavin. Some examples are oats, milk, yogurt, beef, and fortified cereals.
  • Niacin: The main function of niacin in your body is to help convert food into energy. It can also act as an antioxidant. Recent studies have suggested that niacin plays a great role in the prevention of glaucoma.
  • Copper: It is helpful in maintaining eye health as it prevents age-related macular degeneration. It reduces the inflammatory issues of eyes as well.
  • Lutein: Lutein and zeaxanthin are carotenoids that act as filters blocking the blue light from reaching the retina. Prolonged exposure to blue light can lead to oxidative damage in the eyes. Plenty of fruits and vegetables such as kiwi fruit, grapes, and zucchini contain substantial amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin.

There are other vitamins that are found in many fruits and vegetables. These are also very beneficial for eye health. Hence, consuming a balanced diet is the key to living a healthy life. Taking a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement daily can help to fill the nutritional gaps and also protect you from eye issues including eye diseases such as degeneration and cataract. Smoking should be avoided too as it damages blood vessels in the eye area. A doctor should be consulted if the eye health is deteriorating.

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