Tips to prevent erectile dysfunction naturally

Tips to prevent erectile dysfunction naturally

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is characterized by persistent difficulty in maintaining an adequate erection to engage in sexual intercourse. There are several reasons why men get ED: some include natural aging process while others may be the outcome of an underlying medical condition wherein blood vessels and associated nerves that supply blood to the penis are affected. Herein, we discuss some tips you can try to protect your potency and prevent erectile dysfunction.

Follow a healthy diet
Anything that is bad for the heart is also bad for the penis. Doctors opine that unhealthy food that may be causing blockages to the coronary arteries in your heart may also be responsible for inadequate sexual performance. People who consume fewer vegetables and fruits and more fatty, fried, and processed foods are at a greater risk of erectile dysfunction. According to experts, the best diet is the Mediterranean diet, which is rich in fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and nuts, as these are fats that are healthy for the heart.

Keep weight in check
Type 2 diabetes can cause nerve damage that affects the entire body. The nerves that supply blood to the penis may also be affected and this could give rise to erectile dysfunction. Maintaining a healthy weight will also allow you to last longer in bed and have a more satisfying sexual life. You are advised to control your weight through a regimen of healthy food and daily exercise. If you are overweight, do consult a nutritionist and join a gym for good guidance on how to stay in shape.

Monitor levels of cholesterol and blood pressure
It is important to constantly check your blood pressure and cholesterol. Research shows that high blood pressure and cholesterol can severely affect blood vessels that carry blood to the penis. This will give rise to erectile dysfunction. You are advised to check your blood pressure between doctor visits as well. Many stores and fire stations allow you a free check and devices are sold for use at home as well. Some people suggest that blood pressure medication gives rise to erectile dysfunction. However, doctors dispute this claim stating that hypertension that gives rise to arterial damage is the primary cause.

Exercise daily
You are advised to exercise regularly not only for your sexual health but for general wellbeing. A sedentary lifestyle could be responsible for erectile dysfunction. This is because there is pressure on the perineum, which is the area between the anus and the scrotum. This affects major blood vessels and nerves that supply blood to the penis. Research has also shown that cycling may lead to ED. People who take short rides are unlikely to be affected but people who spend all their time traveling by cycle could suffer. Aerobic exercises like swimming and running are good for your sexual health and should be practiced regularly.

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