The Best Diet for Women as They Age

The Best Diet for Women as They Age

Aging is a stressful process. While it does bring about a change in your environment as your children move out, get married, and start a family of their own, you start experiencing changes in your health as well. You do not look the same when you see yourself in the mirror and your skin may lose its glow as well. The skin also loses the ability to make vitamin D from sunlight and it is essential to bring about a change in your diet. Changes in your diet can go a long way in helping you fight the aging process and appear to be younger than your age. While there are several medications available in the market for the same, the best remedies always start at home. For your body to run the way it has over the years, you need to maintain a healthy diet. The best diet for women? Look no further. We have made the process of choosing the best plan for you much easier.

The best diet for women as they age
Here are a few of the best diet plans you should follow:

Mediterranean diet: The Mediterranean diet derives its origin from Mediterranean countries. The people living in these countries commonly follow this diet plan as it is generally associated with better health and longevity. The Mediterranean diet is surely among the best diet for women. The diet consists of vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, olive oil, and other healthy fatty food. Try to avoid eating junk food and processed food. It is quite simply one of the best diet plans and is quite commonly followed by people around the world.

MIND diet: True to its name, the MIND diet is perfect for women as they age. Alzheimer’s is a disease which commonly affects aged people. Alzheimer’s is more common in women and this diet helps to protect the brain and prevent the onset of the disease. While research still needs to be conducted to prove its effectiveness in protecting the brain from decline, it is quite promising and healthy, to say the least. The diet consists of wine, poultry, fish, olive oil, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, and beans. While it has already been said before, avoid eating processed food and junk food. With all its benefits, the MIND diet surely fits the chart of best diet for women.

TLC diet: The TLC diet aims at helping people to cut down on cholesterol consumption. It is essential to keep your cholesterol levels in check, especially when you are aging. Cut down on the amount of saturated fat in your diet to stay healthy and devoid of any health issues. You should also concentrate on adding more fiber-based food items to your diet.

Flexitarian diet: Another diet true to its name, the Flexitarian diet stands for flexibility in your eating habits along with the inclusion of a vegetable-based diet (largely). The Flexitarian diet encourages women to eat vegetables most of the time to improve their health. Although the diet is largely based on the consumption of vegetables, this does not mean you cannot eat meat. Just cut down on its consumption and you should be good to go.

Other food items you should incorporate in your diet
Here are a few other food items you must incorporate in your diet irrespective of the diet plan you have chosen from the above-mentioned options.

Milk fortified with vitamin D: As you age, your skin loses the ability to make vitamin D from sunlight. The intestines and the kidneys lose the ability to absorb and convert vitamin D into its active form. It is essential that you drink milk fortified with vitamin D or eat yogurt which is fortified with vitamin D. The body needs the vitamin to fight bone thinning osteoporosis and to absorb bone-strengthening calcium.

Whole-grain cereals fortified with vitamin B12: Having whole-grain cereals fortified with vitamin B12 along with milk fortified with vitamin D for breakfast is the best solution. Vitamin B12 is needed for healthy red blood cells and nerves.

These food items can go a long way in helping you to stay healthy. The body needs all the support it can get and eating healthy can help you look younger. To put it into perspective, if your body loses the capability to generate certain vitamins, replenishing your diet with these vitamins helps your body function naturally rather than a decline in health due to lack of this nutrition. While there are no magic food items that can permanently reverse the effects of aging, you can certainly do your bit by eating the above-mentioned food items. Now you know what to answer to those asking what the best diet for women is. Practice healthy eating habits and live a long and fulfilling life ahead!

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