Skincare regime and top products for healthy skin

Skincare regime and top products for healthy skin

Everyone wants to look their best. Being appreciated for your looks and beauty is something everyone enjoys. Beautiful, healthy skin is something that you’re often born with. But that said, with the right care you can alter your skin’s texture, look, and attractiveness. A skin care regime is of the utmost importance to improve and maintain your skin’s health. Skin is the largest organ of the body. It’s vital to take good care of your skin to ensure it stays healthy and timeless.

Taking care of your skin-

The skin being the outermost protective layer of tissue of the body is of great importance to the well being of the human body. It serves the following functions:

  • It helps regulate your body temperature
  • It protects your body from external elements and microbes
  • It acts as a waterproof barrier for your internal tissues
  • It provides a natural complexion to the person

It is generally your skin that faces the brunt of harsh environmental elements like heat, cold, pollutants, and dirt. If you neglect proper skin care or other factors that are harmful, your skin can face several problems. Some commonly faced skin problems include:

  • Rashes
  • Disease
  • Skin peeling or eczema
  • Boils
  • Pigmentation
  • Acne or breakouts
  • Blemishes
  • Chronic skin problems

To avoid this, it’s essential that you keep your skin clean and get rid of the of dirt and other pollutants you’re exposed to daily.

Know the 3-step care for a good skincare regime-

Taking care of your skin involves keeping it clean and maintaining its balance. Skin care experts stress that a basic 3-step skincare regime, that you should follow every day, can ensure supple, healthy skin for longer. The 3 essential steps are:

  • Cleansing
    This mainly involves washing and cleaning the skin with a cleanser that rids the skin of pollutants, dirt, and makeup. Occasionally, a gentle scrub is recommended to deep-cleanse the skin, clean your skin’s pores, and remove rough and dead skin cells.
  • Toning
    This step refers to applying a soothing toner to the skin that calms the cleansed skin and helps the skin regain its pH balance. Toning helps get rid of dead skin cells that otherwise give a dull look. It clears the skin from within. It also closes open pores on the skin where dirt might accumulate.
  • Moisturizing
    Here, a suitable solution is applied to the skin that helps the skin retain moisture. The cleansing and toning process leaves the skin bare and devoid of moisture. Hence, this moisture is restored by using suitable moisturizing products that are absorbed by your skin. Moisture is, after all, the essence of life.

The CTM approach, if followed on a regular basis, is said to help curb most skin problems. The CTM process is an investment in yourself that is bound to ensure you have beautiful skin for life.

Types of skin care products-

With consumers demanding more and more best skin care products, cosmetic and herbal companies are bringing out newer, improved, result-oriented skin care products. In fact, the market is flourishing with hundreds of best skin care products. You can be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the best skin care products from the shelves of malls, shops, and beauty stores across the globe.

But it is important to know your skin well to opt for the best skin care products from the range of items on display. Using the wrong product can result in side-effects, and can take a serious toll on your skin.

Leading brands like Glossier and Josie Maran understand that the best skin care products need to be more focused towards the needs and requirements of the customers. Just like customers differ from one another, so do their skin problems and product requirements.

Skin types differ from person to person as well. Hence, every individual needs a separate set of products based on their skin type and the problem they face. There are various types of skin care products developed by prominent companies like Tatcha, Bioderma, and several others. Some common best skin care products are:

  • Cleansing milk or lotion
  • Body and face wash
  • Exfoliating gel, cream or scrub
  • Toner
  • Moisturizing cream or lotion
  • Anti-ageing cream or gel
  • Under-eye cream or gel
  • Sun protection cream, gel, or lotion
  • Body or face oil
  • Skin brightening cream
  • Fairness cream
  • Skin pack or mask
  • Astringent
  • Serum
  • Makeup remover
  • Skin tanner
  • Acne removal cream
  • Anti-wrinkle cream

Healthy, glowing, soft, and supple skin makes a person look and feel good. It usually doesn’t require makeup or any external additions to accentuate beauty. After all, healthy skin is a timeless beauty in itself.

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