Remedies to Reduce the Root Canal Pain

Remedies to Reduce the Root Canal Pain

The pain from a root canal can be extremely unbearable. Some of the reasons behind this harrowing pain are narrowing the old metal filling, infected damaged pulp, which deteriorates the dentin and the enamel of the tooth. The pain leads us to not eat some kinds of food.

While people may argue that the condition requires medical assistance, in reality, curing the pain arising out of a root canal surgery is something that can even be done at home. Here some of the remedies for curing the root canal pain.

  • Ice Pack
    This technique is appreciated by patients themselves. It is one of the easiest ways to reduce pain. Put the cubes of ice in a cloth and apply that on the face for nearly five minutes. This process releases one from pain.
  • Cucumber
    Cucumber is best known for its multiple properties. One of the important properties of cucumber is to ease tooth pain. To get rid of root canal pain, take a piece of cucumber and keep it on the affected tooth. To get the appropriate results, the patient needs to repeat the process regularly.
  • Eating soft and mild food
    To get rid of root canal pain, the patient should follow a certain kind of diet. He should eat soft food instead of eating sweet and spicy food items. In this case, eating high protein food also helps to cure the pain early.
  • Elevated Pillow
    Using an elevated pillow is another way to ease the pain of a root canal. There is a scientific reason for using an elevated pillow while sleeping. The elevation of the pillow allows the blood to flow in a particular direction, thereby preventing bleeding inside the tooth.
  • Gargle
    Gargle is another easiest way to fight infection of the teeth. Gargling with salt water thrice a day gives amazing results.
  • Liquid Diet
    A liquid diet is useful for reducing tooth pain. The patient needs to rely on orange or carrot juice. But, he should be careful about the way he consumes the end product as cool juice may cause more pain. Being cautious about the temperature of the juice is something that’ll help.
  • Alcohol
    Some of the patients do not know the advantages of alcohol. The patient may gargle with alcoholic beverages such as scotch, beer, and whiskey. It is an effective and easy way to cure root canal pain.
  • Potato
    Potato is sometimes used to cure the pain of a root canal surgery. The patient needs to cut the potato and take a piece of it and put it on the affected area of the teeth, repeating the procedure several times a day.
  • Apply different extracts
    The extracts of fruits can play the same role as a potato does. The patient can apply peppermint, almond, vanilla and lemon extract on the infected part of the tooth. The growth of bacteria can be disrupted by doing so.
  • Baking soda
    Another natural way to cure root canal pain is by using baking soda. The patient needs to dip a ball of cotton into the water and after extracting the additional water, mix it with baking soda and apply it to the affected area of the tooth.
  • Tea bag
    Using tea bags is another process to reduce root canal pain. After making tea, put the tea bag on the infected part of the tooth. The juice of the tea leaves is very effective for curing tooth pain.
  • Vinegar
    The main reason behind root canal pain is the continuous growth of bacteria in the tooth. Vinegar acts as a killer, destroying the bacteria. The patient should dip a ball of cotton into vinegar and put it on the affected area of the tooth for about 10 minutes. For getting better results, continue this process regularly.
  • Garlic
    This ingredient has medicinal properties and it also acts as an antibiotic. The patient should take a piece of garlic and put it inside the mouth. On the other hand, he can chew it instead. As it destroys the bacteria and hinders the spreading of infection, the patient can easily get relief from root canal pain.

Living in the 21st century indicates a non-compromising nature, be it in fashion or health. Because health is wealth, one needs to take action as early as possible. In our daily lives, science helps in innumerable ways. As far as diseases are concerned, we can easily use natural process to bring life back on the normal track or at least to soothe the pain. At times, it is not possible to reach the doctor in time. During such critical situations, it is the natural techniques that can save from the root canal pain.

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