Pros and cons of a ketogenic diet

Pros and cons of a ketogenic diet

Ketosis is a metabolic reaction that takes place when the body does lacks carbohydrates and looks to burn fat instead to give the body the energy it requires. Ketogenic diets have recently become very popular, but few realize that it comes with a variety of both pros and cons. The benefits of this diet have been well established and the results are very appealing. That being said, results are guaranteed only if it’s done right and the pros and cons of a keto diet are fully understood before jumping into it.


Following a keto diet rewards you with a variety of benefits, such as

  • Lose body fat
    Ketogenic diets have proven to lose weight and especially lower the body fat percentage even though the intake of fat is higher than usual diets. This is primarily because the fat being consumed are healthy fats and is being burned by the body owing to the absence of carbs. Once the body goes into ketosis, it will start burning fat.
  • Resets insulin sensitivity
    Insulin insensitivity refers to the body’s inability to break down glucose and making use of it. A keto diet can help reset this and bring it back into optimal functioning where the glucose will be metabolized as per requirement.
  • Helps manage diabetes
    This is more prominent for the Type 2 diabetes patients since a low carb intake could help keep a healthy blood glucose level without any insulin shots at all.
  • Increases fertility in women
    Since ketosis helps regulate diabetes and also reduces the chances of being obese, it will, in turn, mean it boosts fertility in women. The diet is known to heal reproductive hormones to a large extent.


There are some problems that come with taking up the ketogenic diet, such as

  • Ketoacidosis
    The human body is not used to being deprived off carbohydrates, and ketoacidosis is one such con of this diet. In this case, the body produces high levels of blood acids, which can lead to the person requiring and IV or insulin shots.
  • Gastric irregularity
    The disproportionate ratio of carbs and fats can cause gastric issues and lead to an irregularity in the body system. This could lead to issues at different ends of the spectrum like constipation and diarrhea. Nausea is also very common during the initial phase.
  • Reduced body performance
    The absence of carbs will significantly drop one’s performance, especially for athletes. Runs might get shorter and they might find it difficult to hit new personal records while weight training.
  • General fatigue
    A body under ketosis will feel significantly more tired especially during the adaptation phase. Although ketosis is known to boost the general mood of the person, this could get negated with a feeling of fatigue during the day.

It is important that for every diet, proper research has to be done regarding its pros and cons. The person’s body, the end goal, the period to reach said goal, and the sacrifices willing to be made determines the diet. Always remember that willingness to stay consistent without giving up is what will determine the result of the chosen diet.

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