Nutritional snacks that are a hit among kids

Nutritional snacks that are a hit among kids

Snacks are always seen as a way of grabbing something tasty, quick to eat, less time consuming to prepare or buy, and as a way of not indulging in a full-blown meal. It quenches the pangs of hunger and lets a person get on with the day without any hassles, making it a major preference among kids. The main problem, though, is that snacks can often be unhealthy as well as addictive. The role of snacks has been reduced to solving cravings and becoming stomach fillers rather than contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Most snacks are highly concentrated with processed carbohydrates and sugar, which causes an issue when it comes to healthy snacks for kids.

Listed below are some snacks that contain a good amount of protein, fat, and fiber that are tasty, healthy, can be changed up with improvisations, and are very enjoyable.

Jerky is nothing but meat that is thinned down to strips. It contains an extremely high amount of protein and is an apt candidate for being a healthy snack. Chicken, beef, salmon, and turkey can be trimmed down to jerky. Jerky is sold in abundance at stores, but it is almost certain that the jerky contains processed meat added with a good amount of sugar. It is, thus, more advisable to make jerky at home using only meat and seasoning.

Trail mix
A trail mix can be modified at home by adding almonds and pistachios to the existing package of dried fruit and nuts mixed with chocolates. Walnuts and cashews can also be added. Pistachios and almonds, on the other hand, have a higher amount of protein in them. They all have high calorific content and should not be consumed in excess at a time.

Turkey roll-ups
Turkey roll-ups contain cheese and veggies rolled up into slices of turkey breast. These roll-ups have a combination of fat, fiber, and protein. Adding tomatoes and cucumbers makes a great difference in terms of fiber content. They also regulate appetite by improving blood sugar levels.

Greek yogurt parfait
Greek yogurt parfait is a great source of protein, wherein one gets 20 grams of protein for every 224 grams. Additionally, it has enough fiber coupled with calcium. To make the yogurt tastier without compromising on the health benefits it provides, granola and mixed berries can be added to the parfait. Granola has a high amount of carbohydrates and can be consumed in large amounts. A tablespoon or two will suffice.

Leafy vegetables with yogurt dip
Leafy vegetables, when consumed on their own, have a high amount of fiber and certain trace amounts of fat. They, however, lack in the protein department. To add some protein, a combination of leafy veggies and yogurt dip with essential flavoring can be used. It is more advisable to use Greek yogurt as it contains comparatively more protein than normal yogurt. Usually, people who use this as a snack make a batch of yogurt dip in advance and segregate them amongst containers so that it can be used at convenience.

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