Important Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Fibromyalgia Pain

Important Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Fibromyalgia Pain

A fibromyalgia disability is a type of illness that makes your life hard to live as you may not be able to do your daily tasks with much efficiency. You may even find it difficult to get up from your bed in the morning, in addition to making it physically challenging for you to work at the office.

Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes extensive pain in your whole body and causes an adverse impact on your brain. You may feel instant changes in your mood and sudden restlessness. As per scientific terms, it is a chronic pain disorder which is also termed as the fibromyositis, muscular rheumatism, fibrositis, or FM. Millions of people in the country have been suffering from this condition. It is also believed to be caused by the oversensitivity to the pain signals reaching your brain.

Measures of Easing Pain of a Fibromyalgia Disability
There are a number of medications and non-medication therapies advised by specialists, which may help you to get relief from the pain. However, it has been observed that there is no permanent cure to help you bid goodbye to the issue once and for all.

Adapting a few changes in your lifestyle and trying some alternative measures and some other approaches may help you to get relief from the severe symptoms of fibromyalgia and also help in increasing your life quality. These measures are as follows:

Daily Physical Exercise Regime
Try adding a regular exercising routine to your daily life as it is the most effective measure which offers you relief from the pains of a fibromyalgia disability. It is advised to add any aerobic exercise for battling the condition. When you start exercising at first, you may feel more pain, but the regularity in doing so may improve your symptoms and help in making your workout better and comfortable.

The types of exercises you should be doing are

  • regular brisk walks,
  • cycling,
  • swimming,
  • water exercises,
  • aerobic activities, and
  • gentle stretching.

Sleep for 8-9 Hours a Day
Getting enough rest or sleep may help you relieve yourself from fatigue, which is also one of the primary symptoms of a fibromyalgia disability. Try to adopt a regime in which you get early to bed every day and have a relaxed or comfortable sleep at night. It is recommended to reduce your daytime naps as it will help you have a sound sleep at night.

You may also get assistance from a qualified sleep specialist who may guide you properly on how to maintain your sleep regime and also evaluate your symptoms.

Try to Reduce Stress Levels
Try to get away from all stress factors. Schedule your daily life with such a pace that will not cause any stress to you as maintaining a stress-free life helps your body or brain to be in a relaxed mode. You can use measures like meditation and yoga for maintaining the stress level of your body and mind. Take professional help for meditation and yoga as the professionals will suggest you proper techniques for reducing your stress level.

Massage Therapy
You can try various types of massages that may ease your pain and alleviate stress from your body due to a fibromyalgia disability. A single session may not give you the desired outcomes; thus, you can try multiple sessions for providing you instant relief from the severe body aches.

Manage Your Weight
In case you are falling under the “obese” category of body mass index, then you are at risk of getting a fibromyalgia disability. Hence, it is best advised to manage your weight and reduce the excess weight as it may also result in causing fibromyalgia disability symptoms.

Quit Smoking
Those who smoke are also more prone to having severe pains due to a fibromyalgia disability. Hence, it is recommended to quit smoking as nicotine addiction may result in lousy sleep or more stress.

Follow a Healthy Diet
In case you are suffering from a fibromyalgia disability, then it is advised to follow a healthy diet that is rich in fiber and nutrients. Cut down or limit the intake of caffeine, sugar, fried and processed foods and reduce, or if possible quit, drinking.

The diet should include the following foods:

  • Staying hydrated, drink plenty of liquids or water throughout the day
  • Whole wheat grain
  • Low-fat dairy items
  • Lots of fruits or green vegetables
  • Lean protein items

Well, in case you are diagnosed with a fibromyalgia disability and are unable to lead a normal life due to severe or chronic body ache, then you can claim benefits under the Social Security Disability, which is being offered by the government.

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