Home Remedies to Prevent Eczema

Home Remedies to Prevent Eczema

Eczema is a condition that causes the skin to become dry, flaky, and itchy. While there are many medications available to treat eczema, certain home remedies can help decrease the chances of one developing the condition without causing any side effects. These natural treatments are skin-friendly and can be used by those prone to eczema to prevent further outbreaks or nip the onset of eczema in the bud.

Among the best home remedies to prevent eczema, the best are those that stop the skin from drying. Constant, acute dry skin tends to itch, making one scratch the area, and if prone to eczema, this can then result in the skin breaking out. It can increase the symptoms of eczema. The following treatments can be helpful to prevent skin from drying.

Lukewarm baths
Those suffering from eczema should avoid hot baths or showers and instead use always lukewarm or cold water. It is also important to use a mild soap to prevent skin from drying. After bathing, one should dry their skin by patting it lightly and not by vigorously rubbing it. It helps prevent the skin from drying.

Organic coconut oil
Instead of using commercial moisturizers to prevent dry skin, one can use all-natural coconut oil. Organic cold-pressed coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer as it doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue either. The oil helps create a protective layer around the skin, retains moisture, and prevents skin from drying up.

Avoid bathing multiple times a day
Some people have a habit of washing their hands and face with soap and water regularly. This can increase the dryness of skin and worsen symptoms of eczema. To prevent eczema symptoms, you must try and limit the number of times you vigorously scrub your skin while washing it or choose gentle soaps if it is an absolute necessity.

Remove trigger factors
Several factors trigger eczema. For instance, when anything that contains nickel comes in contact with the skin, it can cause an allergic reaction that worsens the symptoms. Even consuming food that has nickel in it like beans, chocolate, and peas can act as a trigger.

Contact with chemicals, pollen, woolens, strong detergents, strong soap, animal hair, dust mites, and wearing tight clothing are some factors that can trigger eczema symptoms. Therefore, it is important to identify these factors and remove them from your environment. A simple step like this is one of the best home remedies to prevent eczema. To identify these factors, you can consult a dermatologist. The doctors use skin patch tests, where patches containing allergens are stuck on the skin to confirm allergies. The reaction of the skin to these allergens is tested to determine what is causing the allergy. Once the triggers are identified, contact with them can be easily avoided.

Avoid any source of direct heat
Excessive heat dries the skin, which in turn causes itching, worsening eczema symptoms. Avoiding exposure to hot air from a fireplace or a heater is also recommended.

Keep stress levels under control
Reducing stress is a pretty good method for preventing eczema symptoms, as stress can be a trigger for eczema. Meditating, practicing breathing exercises, and even doing physical exercises can help to reduce stress and prevent eczema symptoms from flaring up.

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