Common Side Effects of Consuming Probiotics

Common Side Effects of Consuming Probiotics

Probiotics are living bacteria that are consumed by for their health benefits. There is hype in the use of probiotics as many people have received substantial health benefits like improved digestive systems and glowing skin.

However, there are certain side effects to probiotics that people have experienced. Before you buy and start consuming probiotics, do know about the potential side effects of this product. We have highlighted some these side effects to probiotics below:

Troubled Digestion
It may surprise you that the very product used for the betterment of the digestive system can also cause trouble to it. Unfortunately, some users have experienced it. The effect is temporary but increases the gas levels and bloating in the body. People who have consumed yeast-based products have suffered from constipation.

These side effects are mild and slowly vanish with the continuous consumption of probiotics. You can avoid this side effect if you begin with taking small doses on slowly increase them as the days go by. This will make your body used to the dietary product and there is a chance that there would not be any side-effects that you will experience.

Skin Problems
Intake of probiotics means you are taking biogenic amines in your body. This can cause acne and skin rashes. But this side-effect is not totally bad. This is because acne and pimples are caused to release the toxins from the body. But if the rashes remain for long and the pimples do not go soon, then this is the signal of allergic reaction that is one of the probiotics side effects. In such a situation, consult a skin specialist and immediately cease the intake of the probiotic product.

Some people have gone through serious infections with the intake of probiotics. The number of users who have experienced infections is few but they do exist. What happens is that the bacteria in yeast enter the blood cells of the body and cause problems like weak immune systems, urine infections and many more! The good news is that only one in a million people go through such type of infections and these infections are easily treated with the normal anti-infection medicines available in the market.

When you are taking the product for the first time, then there is a chance that it can cause mild diarrhea. Probiotics are actually used to treat bacteria as the intake of the products balances the amount of good and bad bacteria in your body. During the initial days of use, the product actually stimulates your digestive tract and this causes diarrhea. With the regular intake, the problem goes away naturally.

Probiotics side effects also include allergic reactions. People who already have some allergy should have thorough information about the contents of this product. This is because this can stimulate the allergic reactions in the body. For instance, there are people who are allergic to dairy products, eggs etc. Some probiotics do have these as their ingredient. People who have small intolerance with lactose can consume the product because recent researchers have found that a small amount of lactose (400mg) can be tolerated by these people. Probiotics do not have more than 400mg of lactose. So it is safe for people who have lactose intolerance.

Probiotics contain biogenic amines; examples of these amines include tyramine, histamine, phenylethylamine. These amines are responsible to trigger the functions in the central nervous system which can drastically decrease or increase the blood flow. This causes a headache to the people who are sensitive to such reactions.

Stomach Ulcers
Some probiotics contain an ingredient called Hpylon bacteria which causes stomach ulcers. Stomach ulcers are itself big problems as they cause gaseous troubles, stomach, and indigestion. It is not that every person would suffer from stomach ulcer but people whose bodies do not have the capability to bear H. pylon bacteria may suffer through these unwanted ulcers and stomach problems. One should have a thorough health checkup before beginning the intake of Probiotics for improving health conditions.

Normally, people with good health do not suffer any kind of side effects that are associated with probiotics. However, people who have allergies or are sensitive to some ingredients experience the side-effects of the product. There have been cases where the product has had the opposite effect on people. Instead of improving the health conditions it has totally deteriorated the health conditions. People have gone through conditions like continuous nausea, weak immune system, bad digestion, and constipation. So when in doubt, just stop consuming probiotics; moreover, it is advised to consult a doctor if any side-effect stays longer than a week.

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