Common Causes of Foot Pain

Common Causes of Foot Pain

While it is common to feel pain in your feet every once in a while, persisting pain in the feet is generally not a good sign. There are several causes of foot pain. If you feel pain in your heels while running, jogging, or walking over a large distance for an extended period of time, it is normal. If the pain continues to persist even after having rested amply, you are likely to be suffering from plantar fasciitis. Heel spurs are another condition affecting the feet. They can lead to immense pain in the feet and can make walking a task in itself.

Heel spurs usually occur along with plantar fasciitis. Wearing specialized shoes and taking medications can help you to treat your condition and maintain its progress. If you are suffering from foot pain over a period of time along with the appearance of the symptoms of diseases associated with foot pain, visit a doctor immediately. We have made the process of knowing the causes of foot pain much easier for you.

Causes of Foot Pain
Here are a few of the most common causes of foot pain

Heel Spurs
Some people may suffer from heel spurs, yet never know about it, the less fortunate experience its symptoms in its full wrath. The condition causes immense pain as it causes bony growths to affect the bottom of the heel. They are tricky to deal with as these growths are directed toward the arch of the foot. Treatment is a necessity when it comes to heel spurs. Wearing customized shoes with additional foot space is another option worth exploring for additional comfort. The condition is generally caused due to the excessive build-up of calcium deposits on the underside of the heel bone. The pain usually kicks in after several months of its building up. Strains on the foot muscles or on the ligaments in the foot too can cause the condition to begin.

Bunions are extremely painful bony projections at the big toe joint, or on the inner side of the foot. The condition is caused when the bones that comprise the big toe are shifted well out of proportion under the application of pressure. It makes walking extremely difficult and leads to the stiffening of the toes. When suffering from bunions, do not wear narrow shoes, or heels as they can further aggravate the situation. The main cause of the onset of the disease is a poor choice of footwear. There are several special shoes available in the market to help minimize the effects of the condition and help provide relief. Bunions are one of the most common causes of foot pain.

Plantar Fasciitis – The disease often occurs along with heel spurs. It leads to the sensation of a stabbing pain in the bottom of your foot. The pain is usually the worst when you first wake up in the morning. You may walk a few steps and feel a stabbing pain in your feet. The pain may also be triggered if you stand in one place for a long time or after you stand up if you have been sitting in one place for an extended period of time. The stabbing sensation associated with the disease may also be a product of excessive exercising, so be sure to conclude that you are suffering from the disease if the pain continues to linger on. It is among one of the most common causes of foot pain.

A few other common causes of foot pain include Achilles tendinitis, bursitis, Morton’s neuroma, and osteoarthritis. If you are suffering from the symptoms of these conditions, do not hesitate to seek medical attention at the earliest. Medications, specialized shoes, and cold and hot compresses are among the best options when it comes to treating and managing the symptoms of these conditions.

If you are suffering from the symptoms of the above-mentioned causes of foot pain, do visit a doctor immediately. Seeking treatment is your best course of action as these conditions can progress rapidly and cause further complications. Wearing the right shoes to combat the pain is one of the best methods to maintain and control its progress. You may need shoes with a comfortable base, or shoes with additional space at the front or back. Whatever be the case, try to search for such shoes online or visit a store near you. Do not exert too much pressure on your feet and avoid hustling and bustling. You should also avoid wearing heels. While the above-mentioned causes of foot pain are not life threatening, why take the risk of allowing it to develop? Stall the progress of the condition by visit a doctor at the earliest.

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