Choosing the Best Mattress for Back Pain Management

Choosing the Best Mattress for Back Pain Management

Back pain is one of the biggest chronic conditions affecting a majority of people across the country. It is one of the toughest medical conditions to deal with. It is very difficult to treat and cure this condition. The National Institute of Health states that close to 80% of people in the country suffer from back pain in some form or the other.

There are many causes of back pain. It includes sprains, accidents and spinal degeneration. Poor posture and lack of exercise also cause an increase in back pain. It is also more common in the case of people who work in the same sitting posture for a long time.

How do mattresses help with managing back pain?
One of the major causes of back pain is sleeping on surfaces which are hard and uneven. It is one of those common problems which may cause a disability in people. The efforts to prevent back pain focuses on a person’s habits and lifestyle changes. It is also important to consider reducing back pain while sleeping. There are a lot of implications on the back while a person is sleeping.

The spine and the muscles rest while a person is asleep. Thus, proper support and alignment are necessary to reduce soreness during sleep. The mattress people choose to sleep on has a major role to play in this regard. According to studies, sleeping on the right kind of mattress helps in reducing the symptoms of back pain to a large extent. The best mattresses for back pain will ensure proper alignment of the spine to reduce back pain.

There are different types of mattresses which are suitable for back pain. One has to look for various factors in choosing the right mattress. The main factors to consider are firmness and the material used in the mattress.

Until a few years ago, doctors believed that firm mattresses relieved back pain. But a study conducted in 2003 proved it to be wrong. It stated that firm mattresses can worsen the problem of back pain. The study stated that medium-firm mattresses are better than full firm mattresses, especially when it came to managing back pain.

The medium-firm mattresses adapt to the curvatures of the spines. It helps the body to rest in a comfortable position and reduces the pain.

Materials used
Another important factor to consider while choosing the best mattress for back pain is the material. There are mainly two types of materials used; innerspring and memory foam.

The innerspring mattress is made up of hard metal coils and it does not distribute the weight evenly. As the springs loosen over time, it reduces support for the lower back. The lack of support for the spine increases the risk of back pain.

Memory foam mattresses provide enough support to the back and distribute the body weight evenly. They reduce the pressure points and discomfort. Foam mattresses ensure uninterrupted sleep. Thus, they provide proper rest to the spine. A proper sleep allows the body to heal effectively.

Which is the best mattress for back pain?
According to studies, the memory foam mattresses are the best to relieve back pain. This is because it ensures that the spine does not curve. It facilitates comfortable sleeping postures. The foam mattress aligns the entire body without any unwanted gaps. It allows one to sleep without any interruptions. It is very important for people with back pain to sleep without disturbances. This is because lack of sleep increases the pain and discomfort.

A few people have concerns about the safety of using memory foam mattresses. Sometimes, they might contain harmful chemicals. But there are mattresses which use natural materials. So, one must consider a mattress which is free of chemicals.

There are many mattress models which are suitable for back pain. However, the Amerisleep AS2 is definitely winning the best mattress for back pain award, as it truly improves the condition of back pain. The medium-firm memory foam Amerisleep mattress is built using the best quality materials. The memory foam used in these mattresses recovers its shape faster than others.

It uses an advanced construction method called Bio-Pur, which increases the breathability. It is designed such that it circulates the heat rather than trapping it. This way, one does not feel too hot on this mattress. Amerisleep uses Surface Modification Technology (SMT) which reduces the pressure points.

It is said that a majority of people who used the Amerisleep mattress have seen considerable improvement in their condition. The relief system is designed to relieve the tension from the back during sleep. The fabric used in the mattress promotes an increase in the flow of blood. It enhances the comfort level and provides a good sleep.

According to most of the studies, the best mattress for back pain is the one made out of memory foam. It is proved to have been successful in reducing the pain. One has to consider various factors in choosing a suitable mattress. The best mattress for back pain may also vary from one person to the other, and the severity of the condition. Consult a doctor and take suggestions before making any mattress purchase decision. Your doctor would have treated a number of patients with the same condition and may be able to recommend what they feel would be the best mattress for back pain, depending on the cause and severity of your back pain.

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