All You Need to Know about Treating Peyronie Disease

All You Need to Know about Treating Peyronie Disease

Peyronie’s disease can prove to be quite the stumbling block when it comes to your sex life. It may not harm your sex life much if it is mild, but can be quite embarrassing in some cases. Peyronie’s disease is characterized by a condition which leads to a curved penis. In some cases, the condition can be mild where erections are possible, while in some cases, one cannot enjoy intimacy. For the former case, you may not need treatment, but if you are suffering from the latter you will have to seek immediate treatment for Peyronie’s disease. There are several injections and medicines that can help. In some cases, you may even require a surgery. Whatever the case may be, here are a few of the best treatment options for this disease.

Diagnosis of Peyronie’s disease
Diagnosing Peyronie’s disease is fairly simple. A doctor may ask for one of the following diagnostic tests to be done.

  • Physical Exam
    Your doctor might feel your penis when it is not erect to determine the amount of scar tissue and its location. He might measure the length of your penis as well. This will help your doctor determine whether your penis has shortened over time. Your doctor may also ask you to bring in pictures of your penis taken at home. This will help your doctor determine the location of the scar tissue, the degree of curvature, and other details necessary to decide the best treatment option for you.
  • Other tests
    Your doctor may order other tests as well as an ultrasound. Your doctor will examine your penis when it is erect. Your doctor will inject your penis with a substance which will make it erect instantly. This will help determine abnormalities during imaging. The tests will show the presence of scar tissue, the location of damage, the extent of damage, and any other abnormalities which will help your doctor best decide a Peyronie’s disease treatment option for you.

Treatment for Peyronie’s disease

Your doctor may prescribe the use of pills to help straighten your penis. You may have to take the medication for a few months to see if it works or not. Some doctors prescribe the use of a form of potassium or vitamin E supplements as well. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction as well as Peyronie’s disease, a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction may help.

Another option worth considering is taking an injection to break the scar tissue in the penis. There are certain medications which are known to decrease the pain and curve associated with the disease. There are some injections commonly administered by doctors too. In a clinical study conducted on its application, men who got the injection saw a reduction in their curves by up to 34% on average. Men who got placebo shots saw an average of 18% improvement. You will need up to four rounds of two shots each to see a stark difference in the curvature of your penis and to ensure that it is straightened and back to normal.

If pills and injections do not work, or if you do not want to take them, surgery is the best Peyronie’s disease treatment option for you. Most men only opt for surgery when the disease has worsened to a great extent or when physical intimacy is difficult or nearly impossible to enjoy. There are three different types of surgical procedures that can be performed to relieve you of your pain and straighten your penis.

  • Plaque incision/excision with grafting
    In this operation, the surgeon cuts open the scar tissue in the penis to release the tightness it creates. The surgeon then cuts the scar tissue out and removes it. Any gap in the region is filled with a tissue graft.
  • Plication
    Plication involves the surgeon sewing your penis to the side opposite to the curvature. This may shorten your penis but it eventually matches the side shortened by the scar tissue and makes it straight or at least straighter than it was before.

Penile Prosthesis
This procedure involves the doctor placing two cylinders inside your penis and a small pump within the scrotum. You get an erection by squeezing the pump. This procedure may lead to a shortened penis; nevertheless, it is an effective Peyronie’s disease treatment method.

Avoiding the obvious is the last thing you should do. It is quite understandable that the disease is embarrassing but not getting treated is not an option. Seek immediate Peyronie’s disease treatment to avoid all the complications that come with it. A physical exam is often enough to determine the presence of a scar tissue in the penis and diagnose the disease. You can choose one of the above-mentioned treatment options and draft your plan of action accordingly.

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