All you Need to Know about HGH Bodybuilding Supplements

All you Need to Know about HGH Bodybuilding Supplements

There was a time when bodybuilding was an underground sport, decidedly kept away from polite company, it brought to mind an image of brute men who didn’t mind spending their days wrestling. But those days are long gone, and bodybuilding isn’t limited to wrestlers or fighters but to laymen and women who want to adopt it as a lifestyle. At its essence, bodybuilding is essentially what it claims to be- building, or sculpting your body. But a lot of times, our body’s natural constitution and metabolism doe not allow us to craft our physique the way we would like to. These situations call for the use of other, additional methods of help aside from a healthy diet and regular exercises. HGH Bodybuilding is a supplement highly popular amongst sportspersons, especially bodybuilders. Originally intended to take care of growth hormone deficient children, it can be used for purely aesthetic bodybuilding too. HGH supplements help you increase muscle mass, increase your level of strength, increase energy, increase muscle-to-fat ratio and reduce body fat.

How does HGH Bodybuilding work?
After injecting the HGH Bodybuilding supplement, it gets into the bloodstream and spreads within the body, getting absorbed by the liver. There, it is converted into an insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). The main effect of HGH is to help muscle growth.

The growth hormone by itself performs the fat burning function of HGH. The hormone fastens to the growth hormone receptors, leading to a rise in the free fatty acids level. Consequently, the body begins to use fat rather than carbohydrates as a source of energy.

Unique features of HGH

  • The unique attribute of HGH is that it helps in gaining lean muscles, thereby losing fat. This fat loss will neither interact nor hinder muscle growth.
  • The number of muscle cells increase because of their proliferation and are significant. As HGH- stimulated muscle gains are lasting and split up cells, they let you go beyond your hereditary boundary so that you can gain muscle mass.

How can you utilize HGH Bodybuilding to its optimum?

HGH results become obvious after using the supplement for 2 weeks, however noteworthy progress is noticeable only after 2 months as this is the least length of a single cycle. The maximum duration is 3-4 months. You need to take less dosage if you take HGH for a longer period.

At what time of the day should you inject HGH?
When sugar and insulin levels are low, the HGH supplement will have the strongest fat-burning effect. Hence the best time for you to inject HGH is in the morning when your stomach is empty. If you want to decrease weight, then this is the best time to run as free fatty acids level in the blood will be very high for the subsequent 3 hours and is it easier to lose fat then.

The second dose should be injected 6-8 hours later. This is the time when IGF-1 and HGH levels decrease. Other than this, you can take HGH even before sleeping at night.

Bodybuilding HGH protocols
The most widespread protocols are ED (every day) and EOD (every other day). ED is more effective as your IGF plus HGH will be at the same level; hence muscle growth, as well as fat loss, is more efficient than in EOD. On the other hand, you can apply EOD protocol if you are not able to afford ED protocol. In this case, you can utilize HGH for a longer time.

You can use both protocols as well in a combination and alternate them to stabilize vantages and disadvantages.

What should your diet comprise of when using HGH bodybuilding supplements?

  • Consume the quantity of food you usually do or want to as it is tough to gain fat when utilizing HGH, thereby not requiring a strict diet.
  • Increase your protein intake.
  • Eat lots of carbohydrates.
  • Maintain high anabolism by eating every 2-3 hours. Between normal meals, you can eat protein and a weight gainer.
  • Your appetite will be suppressed because, with the increase of the growth hormone, your blood sugar also increases. Thus in order to enhance your appetite, you can consume special supplements.

If you use HGH Bodybuilding supplements, following a proper diet is a must in order for you to observe positive changes of HGH on the hormone levels. There is sure to be some variation in the results from person to person since every body’s mechanism differs from one another and it is futile to compare them. You must not expect immediate results but persist over a prolonged period of time to gain maximum benefits.

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