7 Natural Ways to Manage Lower Back Pain

7 Natural Ways to Manage Lower Back Pain

Lower back can cause serious discomfort. You will have trouble performing your day to day activities. According to a report, almost 80% of the adults face lower back pain at some point in their life. There are several reasons as to why this happens. However, one must know the different ways to treat and get relief from this excruciating pain. There are several home remedies that you can try in order to manage your lower back pain.

For low back pain relief, try these 7 best home remedies

Apply ice on your lower back
Applying ice on the area where you are experiencing the pain can certainly help you to improve the condition of your lower back. When you start having that pain, you should immediately apply ice on it because it will help you to get rid of that inflammation and get yourself relief. However, the best time to apply ice is the first 24 to hours from when you start getting that pain. After that, you can switch to applying heat since after a couple of days, applying ice will not give you the desired result. Whether you apply ice or heat, you need to do give your body rest for 20 minutes because otherwise, you may have skin problems.

Keep your body moving
When you have pain in your lower back, and you stop moving your body because of it, then you will find it tough to recover from your condition. That is why it is important to keep your body moving no matter how much pain you have in order to get relief from lower back pain. Therefore, don’t stop going to work, making your bed, and doing all the other daily activities you do. If you go to a gym or aerobics class, then don’t stop it either because these are some of the things that keep you active or help you to fight against your lower back pain.

Stay away from screens
One of the major reasons for having lower back pain is the posture at which you watch the television or computer screens. You tend to sit on your chair in hunched position throughout the day staring at your computer screen for work purpose and then get to your home, switch on the television and start watching it for entertainment in the same hunched posture. This is something that plays a key role in contracting a back pain. Therefore, for low back pain relief, you have to stay away from these screens for a while.

Lose weight
In most cases, the lower back pain is due to the excess weight of the person. Your height decides the ideal weight of your body. When your weight is more than the ideal, all the other parts of your body face the trouble of carrying that weight. Your feet are the worst affected on account of overweight. However, among other parts of your body, the excess weight causes the most damage to your lower back. Therefore, you need to make a diet plan and start losing the weight in order to get low back pain relief.

Regular exercise
If you are looking to ending the recurrent or consistent lower back pain from its root or prevent it from happening in the first place, then you have to go for regular exercise. By doing regular exercises, you will keep your body flexible and muscles strong. So, even if you are compelled to stay in the hunched position for 8 to 12 hours per day, because of the flexibility of your body, you will not experience lower back pain. Exercise regularly.

Meditate regularly
Many consider meditation as an exercise for the inner world. However, very few are able to understand that it is a great exercise for your spine as well. You have to keep your back completely straight while meditating. Practicing meditation every day will help correct your posture and you are bound to experience low back pain relief.

Sleep in a correct posture
Sleeping in a bad posture can cause you severe spinal ailment just like staring at a screen in a hunched position for hours. You need to get your sleeping posture right in order to get rid of that lower back pain. The position which you might consider is the fetal position. In this position, you sleep on one side with your knees bent. You can place a small pillow under the neck as that will keep your spine aligned.

Finally, even after trying the above-mentioned home remedies, if you continue to suffer from pain in your lower back, then without wasting any time, contact your physician because the reasons for your pain could be something else.

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