7 Best Eye Drops for Dry Eye Syndrome

7 Best Eye Drops for Dry Eye Syndrome

Artificial tears are specialized products that have been designed to assist people who are suffering from dry eye syndrome. Most of these eye drops for dry eyes are available over the counter. The products are many, and it can become challenging to select the right one. Most people end up using several brands before they can find the ideal one. The problem, however, is that many people self-medicate and self-diagnose, and this is never recommended. Therefore, make sure you undergo a comprehensive checkup to determine whether you have an underlying medical reason for the dry eye syndrome before you can start using an eye solution for dry eyes.

To make it easy to choose a suitable brand, we have created a list of the seven best eye drops for dry eye syndrome.

NanoTears® MXP Forte
This is a product that’s specially designed to address both evaporative and aqueous dry eye diseases. It uses patented nano-liquid technology to form a clear colloidal lipid solution for relieving burning, discomfort, and irritation caused by the dryness of the eye, particularly after exposure to the sand or wind. The lipid component in this product lowers tear osmolarity through the repair and respiration of the surface lipid layer. This reduces tear evaporation and allows for proper aqueous buildup including dilution.

If you are searching for the ultimate eye drops for dry eyes for high performance, then this is your best option. This product is sterile, recommended by doctors, and is known for providing first symptom relief and extended protection that lasts longer. Once you use it, your eyes will feel refreshed and lubricated even if you have severe dry eyes. The eyes will feel comfortable with few interruptions in your daily life. This product is the latest brand created by Systane for dry eye syndrome treatment, and it will protect the entire ocular surface.

This is another product you can rely on to treat dry eye syndrome. It’s sterile and provides the eye with lubrication. This product is highly popular and uses a patented electrolyte balance. It gives the best performance for dry eye therapy by restoring the eyes’ natural balance. Its unique electrolyte balanced and hypotonic formula is responsible for replicating healthy tears. TheraTears works best on patients who have mild to moderate dry eye syndrome. Every time you buy this product, you will be supporting the Schepens Eye Research Institute, which is an institution that’s committed to fighting blindness and painful eye condition.

Soothe Lubricant Eye Drops
The Bausch + Lomb Soothe eye drops have been clinically proven to help soothe irritated and dry eyes. This revolutionary product offers soothing comfort and a longer lasting lubrication to keep your eyes feeling fresh and lubricated throughout the day. The formula restores natural moisture balance in the patient’s eyes. It’s ideal for anyone who has sensitive eyes as well as post-Lasik dry eye. The good news is that it’s preservative-free and gentle enough to be used frequently depending on the patients’ needs.

Blink® Tears
Are you searching for a gentle way for treating occasional dryness? Then this is what you need. Blink® Tears offers aqueous artificial tears that contain the main ingredient known as polyethylene glycol, which mimics the natural mucous membranes of your eyes to relieve irritation. It also contains sodium hyaluronate a form of a lubricant that is produced by our eyes naturally once the ocular surface is damaged. Sodium hyaluronate controls inflammation, lowers viscosity each time you blink, hence minimizing the sensation of having an object in the eye, and retains water.

Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ Eye Drops
The manufacturers of this product have found a way to clear the dryness, irritation, and redness that’s linked with dry eye syndrome. It constricts blood vessels; hence, reducing the redness. The product is fully preservative free, meaning you will not feel irritation in your eyes after using it. Vasoconstrictor phenylephrine hydrochloride is used in this drop to reduce stress. This is a common ingredient found in some over-the-counter medications. It has the ability to reduce swelling and shrink blood vessels.

This is an advanced lubricant eye drop that’s designed to offer dry eye symptom relief via a preservative-free, innovative, and triple-action formula. The eye drops have been clinically-proven to relieve burning dry, irritated eyes. This is the only eye drops for dry eyes brand that’s safe both for soft and hard lenses. It is recommended for use after a Lasik surgery because it soothes and protects the eyes from irritation and dryness. Once you use the product you will notice that it feels slightly thicker when put in the eye compared to other dry eye drop brands and you will experience cooling moisture.

These are examples of the best eye drops for dry eye syndrome. Your doctor can help you pick the best brand after diagnosis to get the best and long-lasting relief.

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