5 remedies to manage eczema symptoms

5 remedies to manage eczema symptoms

Eczema is a skin condition characterized by persistent itchiness, patches, rashes, blisters, scaliness, and other skin infections. While there is no particular cure for this disorder, its symptoms tend to naturally and progressively decrease as children age. Various treatments, foods, and lifestyle changes can help individuals manage the symptoms of eczema. Of all those solutions, certain treatment alternatives prove to be more effective than the rest. A few successful eczema treatments are listed below.

Light therapy
Light therapy, also known as phototherapy, involves healthcare experts using multiple wavelengths of ultraviolet (UV) light to treat several forms of eczema in children and adults. Light therapy is an effective eczema treatment because of how quickly it reduces skin inflammation and itching, two of the most common symptoms of the condition in individuals.

Doctors use this treatment method for patients with eczema all over their body or if the condition is limited to one specific area (such as the hands or legs) that does not go away even after other treatments. This treatment method uses a specialized machine to emit UV light.

Acupuncture has long been one of the go-to treatment alternatives for skin conditions and is also effective for eczema. Acupuncture regulates an individual’s blood flow and reduces skin inflammation. In this way, doctors can restore damaged skin and drastically reduce the pain and discomfort associated with this condition using this therapy, making acupuncture one of the more effective eczema treatments.

Stress is one of the key triggers of rashes on the skin of eczema patients. Aromatherapy, especially with lavender oil, tends to be effective in soothing inflammation and stress. Apart from aromatherapy, one can also apply lavender oil or sunflower seed oil on the skin to reduce the severity of eczema symptoms and the frequency of the condition’s flare-ups.

Progressive muscle relaxation therapy
Progressive muscle relaxation involves the alternative tensing and relaxation of one’s muscles, one by one, throughout the body. This therapy eases the strain and inflammation associated with eczema in a patient’s body.

Similar to aromatherapy, this option is used to reduce the stress factor associated with eczema. For example, gentle breathing exercises can drastically lower the stress levels of people with eczema, making meditation a vital treatment alternative for such skin disorders.

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