10 Home Remedies to Treat Cough Caused by Pneumonia

10 Home Remedies to Treat Cough Caused by Pneumonia

Pneumonia is an airborne disease that needs medical treatment to ensure complete recovery. It is a communicable disease that can be passed on from the diagnosed patient to other healthy people. Because of its lethal nature, one needs to deal with it carefully to ensure that it does not cause any further harm. The common symptoms of pneumonia include coughing, chest pain, chills, fever, shortness of breath, and muscle aches. Here are some home remedies that you can use to ease the symptoms of pneumonia.

The body develops a cough while trying to expel the fluids to get rid of the infection. It is advisable to avoid using cough suppressants, and instead, you can use the following remedies to treat coughing caused by pneumonia.

Eucalyptus and fenugreek tea
If you are suffering from an itchy throat, then you can have warm herbal tea that can soothe the irritation. Herbal teas made from eucalyptus and fenugreek are immensely helpful in getting rid of respiratory tract infections. These herbs are known to break down the mucus and reduce the inflammation caused by pneumonia. According to recent studies, fenugreek seeds are found to be very effective in easing a persistent cough.

Saltwater gargles
You must have heard of the classic saltwater gargle remedy for a persistent cough. And as a matter of fact, it works quite well. A saltwater gargle helps in eliminating the germs in your throat. It prevents the mucus in the chest from causing more cough over time. This method can provide a lot of relief and is great for treating a cough caused by pneumonia.

Chest pain is one of the most prominent signs of pneumonia. Here is a home remedy to reduce the pain.

Turmeric or ginger tea
Drinking a cup of hot turmeric or ginger tea can provide relief from a congested chest. These plants have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. You can make ginger and turmeric tea at home, and you should have it twice a day to fight pneumonia.

Shortness of breath is yet another symptom of pneumonia. The following home remedies can immensely help in relieving this symptom.

If you are suffering from pneumonia, then drinking beverages rich in caffeine would help a lot. You can have a cup of coffee or green tea whenever you are feeling uneasy or breathless. Caffeine is helpful in treating pneumonia-related coughs as it opens up the airways in the lungs, thus enabling a patient to breathe better.

Warm air
Taking a steam bath or breathing over hot water will certainly help with a cough. As a cough accumulates in the respiratory tract, it can get difficult to breathe. When you take a hot water bath, you inhale the steam which enables the cough to leave the body. You can also use a steam inhaler for this purpose. Thus, you can use this remedy to clear up your respiratory tract.

Getting rest is of utmost importance, and all these remedies and other treatments for coughing caused by pneumonia will only work when you get adequate rest. The body recovers while you are asleep, and you must get at least seven hours of sleep along with these treatments to recover from pneumonia.

People with pneumonia are bound to experience fever, and keeping it down is very important for fighting the condition. Here are some of the effective home remedies that you can use to get over a fever.

When you are suffering from a fever, it is crucial to stay well-hydrated and maintain the electrolyte balance in the body. So, at such times, you must try to drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water throughout the day. It is advised to drink warm water as it helps soothe a cough and keeps you hydrated.

Fenugreek tea
According to research, fenugreek tea contains substances that help the body sweat. Sweating brings down the temperature of the body naturally, and thus, having fenugreek tea can help cure a fever.

Pain relievers
Medication is just as important as home remedies to bring down the fever. Therefore, along with the home remedies, it is suggested to take the medicines prescribed by your doctor to recover on time.

It is quite common to get chills during a fever, and the chills usually go away after the fever subsides. By following the tip mentioned below, one can deal with chills during pneumonia.

Warm liquids
Drinking warm liquids helps the body warm up and prevents chills. A patient’s body becomes susceptible to cold when you have pneumonia, and to ease this illness, you can have hot beverages like soups and herbal teas. Thus, you can stay hydrated, and your body will be warm enough to prevent chills.

Thus, with the home remedies stated above, you can treat pneumonia’s symptoms such as a cough. These home remedies can also aid in the process of recovery.

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